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March 2018
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Aims Obj. & Bylaws

Articles index

Article 1: Definitions

Article 2 : Name and Logo    

Article 3 : Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives    

Article 4 : Powers and functions

Article 5 : Organs of the Association and their functions

Article 6 : Meetings of the Association

Article 7 : Membership of the Association

Article 8 : Financial matters


Article 1 : Definitions

(a) Alumnus is derived from Latin word ‘Pupil’ which means one who has been taught or influenced by distinguish persons.

(b) It is lifetime relationship with continued interest.

(c) Alumni stands strong to prove success of college and its effort

Article 2 : Name and Logo

(a) The name of the Association shall be KBNCE College Alumni Association (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”).

(b) The Association shall be a non-political and non-profit making organization.

(c) The Association’s mission, goals and objectives shall be to support the development of KBNCE College.

(d) The motto of the Association shall be “Networking through Parent organization KBNCE”.

(f) The Association shall have a logo.                                               

Article 3 : Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

(a) Vision :

(i) Is to expand/explore worldwide in line with core to publicize academic activities and the talent of KBNCE graduates in the academic and professional environment.

(ii) To enhance the network made up of entire alumni community through events on campus, offside or online.

2) Mission : To develop relationship between all Alumni members, promote continuing education and create opportunities for networking and employments etc..

3) Goals and objectives :

(i) To bring together all the old students and the faculty of KBNCE to share their experiences with each other.

(ii) To maintain and update database of all the alumni of the college and to interact with them.

(iii) To utilize the rich experiences of old students of the college for the benefit and progress of the present students.

(iv) To provide guidance to the young engineering graduates in their endeavor for better employment and higher studies.

(v) To promote the campus placements through the old students working in reputed industries in India and abroad.

(vi) To get the valuable advice’s of the alumni in the overall development of the college

(vii) To arrange seminars, debates, workshops on recent advancements.

(viii) To arrange donations to the poor students either by way of cash or kind for their education purpose.

(ix) To arrange teaching and training classes to the students studying in the college and also to members to upgrade technical and general skills.

(x) To gather and maintain database of employment information and to assist the members in securing suitable jobs.

(xi) To maintain website, publish periodical magazines or bulletins with valuable information useful to the members and students.

(xii) To involve the members in the overall development of the college and the society.

Aritcle 4 : Powers and Functions of the Association In pursuance of its aims and objectives and for the better and proper performance of its functions under this Constitution. The Association  shall have powers to:

(a) Engage in any activity or undertaking for the purpose of mobilizing or generating financial and other material resources to be applied exclusively to the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Association as set out in this Constitution.

(b) Solicit donations, gifts and other forms of material aid acceptable to the Association for the purpose of meeting the financial requirements and other needs of the Association in furtherance of its aims and objectives.

(c) Exercise any other power, perform any other function or do any other activity that may lawfully be so exercised, performed or done by the Association for carrying out, or giving effect to, the purpose for which the Association is established.

Article 5 : Organs of the Association and their Functions The Association shall have an Executive Committee consist of the following :

Chief Patron : Hon’ble President of KES Janab Dr Syed Shah Khusru Hussaini Saheb

Member Patron : Dr Ruksar Fatima Director KBNCE

(a) The President Engr Syed  Nasir Khursheed

whose functions shall be :

(i)  To chair meetings of the Executive Committee.

(ii) To supervise and coordinate activities of the Secretariat of the Association  to authorize use of the funds of the Association according to the budget approved by the Committee

(iii) With the approval of the Executive Committee, shall have powers between Executive Committee meetings to appoint Committees, representatives of the Association on joint committee’s.

(iv) Committees and/or delegate specific powers and duties to other members of the Executive Committee and submit periodic reports to the Executive Committee on the activities of the Association.

(b) The Vice President Administration Engr Syed Naimatullah Hussain

whose functions shall be :

(i) To initiate the establishment and organization of  Alumni Chapter

(ii) To  expand Alumni activities

(iii) In the absence of the President, to perform functions of the President.

(c) The Vice President Seminars Engr Wajahath Shah Khan

Shall be responsible for :

(i) Seminars/ Workshops.

(ii) Community Outreach Activities.

(iii) To monitor fulfillment of activities of the Association and prompt different offices accordingly. And also in absence of president perform duties of president

(d) The General Secretary Engr Syed Mohiuddin

whose functions shall be :

(i) To act as secretary at meeting of the Executive Committee.

(ii) To take minutes during the meeting of the General gathering.

(iii) To act as  custodian of all the records of the Association.

(iv) To be the public relations person for the Association.

(e) The Joint Secretary Engr Mohammed Imdad Ali

whose functions shall be :

(i) To handle issues of publicity for the Association.

(ii) To coordinate the production of the newsletter and other publications of the Association. (iii)  In the absence of the Secretary General, to perform the Functions of the Secretary.

(f) The Treasurer Engr Saleh Bin Ali

whose functions shall be :

(i) To act as the custodian of the finances of the Association.

(ii) To act as the custodian of audit records.

(iii) To act as the custodian of the inventory of property for the Association.

(iv) To prepare and report to the Executive Committee the  Association’s regular financial documents and statements.

(v) To prepare the draft annual budget of the Association for  presentation to the Executive Committee and the General gathering.

(vi) To ensure that accounts are audited by Auditors of the Association and

(vii) To make financial transactions on behalf of the Association.

(g) The Joint Treasurer Engr Abubakr Bin Hussain

whose functions shall be :

(i) To be custodian of merchandising initiatives.

(ii) To organize fundraising activities for the Association.

(iii) To coordinate fundraising activities organized by Alumni Chapters.

(iv) In the absence of the Treasurer General, to perform the functions of the Treasurer General.   

The Coordinator Engr Mohammed Yahya :

(i) To coordinate activities of the various Alumni Chapters.

(ii) Facilitate communications between Alumni and KBNCE.

(iii) Support the development of Alumni led events, projects and activities.

(iv) To coordinate student’s scholarships and awards sponsored by or through the     Association.

The Joint Coordinator Engr Amjad Ali : 

Who shall be responsible for :

i. To report to the Executive Committee on programs of the Associations directly benefiting students; and  to initiate student-alumni activities.

ii. To coordinate student’s scholarships and awards sponsored by or through the Association.

iii. In the absence of the Coordinator, to perform the functions of the coordinator.

The Public Relation Coordinator Engr Mohammed Ismail Zubair :

Who shall be responsible for :  

i. Evaluate current alumni program and propose new ideas to improve alumni engagement.

ii. Advise and collaborate with alumni association leaders and volunteers as they seek to plan various alumni- and institutional-related activities, including, but not limited to: Class Reunions, Career Forums/Fair, Alumni-Student Mentors, and Intersession.

iii. Design and create content for alumni communications including alumni e-news, web content, and social media    

The  Cultural secretary : Engr Mohammed Tabrez

Who shall be responsible for :  

i. Maintain contact with returned volunteers through the circulation of information about upcoming events and opportunities, as well as the work of the Alumni Board.

ii. Support the planning and organization of Board meetings

iii. Circulate information regarding upcoming meetings and distribute agendas in advance

iv. Take minutes and distribute them to attendees, absent members, and other relevant parties

Joint Cultural secretary : Engr Minhaj Ahmed

Who shall be responsible for :

i. Support the Alumni in monitoring and evaluating their work

ii. Identify and support Alumni development needs

iii. In the absence of Cultural secretary, to perform the functions of Cultural secretary.

iv. To coordinate and arrange, in liaison with Alumni Chapters tours, excursions.

IT Coordinator : Engr Syed Qutbuddin

Who shall be responsible for :

i. To development of an Alumni portal Maintain and update information on the Alumni Portal I

ii. Moderate discussion on the Alumni Portal and other social media

iii. Support the development and use of social media to promote Alumni opportunities, achievements and developments.    

Joint IT Coordinator : Engr Sirajuddin B S

i. Join Experience using social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

ii. Demonstrated proficiency in relevant software applications.

iii. Assist IT coordinator in the development of Alumni portal and updating the information on the alumni portal and also perform functions of IT coordinator in his absence.

Committee Member Engr Mohammed Abdul Salam & Engr Khalid Mohammed :

Responsible for students programs whose functions shall be :

i. Establish a young alumni program for current students and recent graduates to cultivate understanding of value of and pride in alumni support and inculcate an alumni mindset with graduating seniors

ii. Maintain confidentiality over personal information relating to Alumni  staff and volunteers.

iii. Maintain a positive, appropriate and professional relationship with all alumni, partners and volunteers.

Elections and terms of office for office bearers shall be as follows:

i. Office bearers of the Executive Committee shall be elected during the General gathering.

ii. Initially tenure will be for one year based on performance can be extended for two years

iii. Office bearers shall be elected by a majority vote.

iv. The term of office for office bearers shall be two years and shall resume duty at the close of the regular meeting of the General Assembly at which they were elected and end at the close of the succeeding regular meeting at which a new Executive Committee was elected.

v. Any position that falls vacant between regular General Assembly meetings may be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Committee until the close of the next regular General Assembly.

Chapters  Meetings

i. Each Chapter shall develop its own program of activities based on the annual plan of the Association.

ii. Chapters shall remain in constant contact with the secretariat and the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE 6 : Meetings Of The Association

(a) The General Assembly shall be a gathering to be answerable to the entire membership of the Association.

(b) The General Assembly shall be attended by all subscribing members of the Association.

(c) The immediate ex-official members of the Executive committee and   partners and organizations that support the Association who shall be invited to attend by the Secretary of the Executive Committee.

(d) The Executive Committee shall decide the exact dates of the General Assembly.

(e)  Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held quarterly and all members of the Executive Committee shall attend the meetings. The President or the Vice President shall chair meetings of the Executive Committee.

(f) The venue of the next Annual General Meeting for the Chapter shall be decided during the preceding meeting.

(g) The exact dates of the Annual General Meeting shall be decided upon by the Chapter Committee.

(h)   A preliminary agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall be prepared by the Chapter Committee and sent to the Chapter members one month in advance of the meeting.

(i) Subscribing members may propose business to be transacted at the Chapter Annual General Meeting and such proposals shall reach the Secretary of the Chapter at least two weeks before the meeting.

(j) The Chapter Secretary shall distribute the agenda of business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting to subscribing delegates at least one week before the meeting.

Article 7 : Membership of the Association

(a) Membership of the Association shall be individual membership shall be open to KBNCE graduates.

(b) Membership and subscription fees shall be determined by the Executive Committee (SAR 200 every year) and for other member (SAR 100)

(c) Membership shall cease upon resignation by writing to the President of the Executive Committee.

  • The Executive Committee shall have the right to terminate membership for any member whose conduct is deemed to be prejudicial to the good name of the Association.

Article 8 : Financial Matters The Association shall generate its income from:

(a) Membership fees and subscriptions.

(b) Contributions by well wishers.

(c) Fund raising activities taken under the authority of the Executive Committee.

(d)  The Executive Committee shall open an account in the name of KBNCE Alumni Association and all funds of the Association shall be deposited in that account.

(e)  There shall be two signatories to the Account and these shall be the Treasurer General, the President and the Secretary.

(f)  A portion of the Association’s fund shall be allocated for discharging the duties of the Secretariat.

(g)  All accounts, records and documents of the Association shall be open for yearly auditing by an auditor approved by the Executive Committee.


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